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Got Snake, Rat, or Mice Problems?

Now you can solve them fast with the Solar Snake Repeller. You can rid snakes the safe environmentally friendly way and protect your family and your pets.  The Solar Snake Repeller will not harm your Dogs or Cats.

Welcome to ,We supply the latest in innovative technology.  Our Solar Snake Repeller is a multi-pulse Ultrasonic Vibration Snake deterrent device.  Using high frequency ultrasonic vibrations the Solar Snake Repeller sends out powerful high frequency signals that snakes can sense.  The Solar Snake Repellers ultrasonic range is between 400 – 700 MHz this warns snakes, rats and mice that there is real danger and not to come any closer

In turn Snakes will avoid this high frequency zone and move away.  It’s a bit like when we go out bush.  In overgrown areas we stomp our feet to scare off any venomous reptiles.

With the Solar Snake Repeller it comes with 5 different pulses. The purpose being the Snake, Rat or Mouse never get used to just one vibration.  Becoming familiar could possibly ruin the effect, so this will not happen with the multi-pulse ultrasonic solar snake repeller.

The Solar Snake Repeller is designed not just to scare off snakes but also rats and mice.  Why this is important is that along with birds, mice and rats have become popular prey since their introduction by Europeans. 

The Dugite is one such snake that is known to enoy the diet of mouse and rat, along most cities and towns throughout Western Australia and along the southern coast of South Australia.

Rats and Mice, apart from the distinct possibility of bringing infectious disease to yourself, family pets and other animals are prime prey and attract the snakes. logo.  Ph. 04570467327
Solar Snake Repellers.
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At  We Provide All New Innovative Products for the Protection of Your Home, Property, Family & Pets. Snake Safe Solar UltraSonic Repellers, do not kill animals. There is no mess or disease to have to clean up.  The ultrasonic snake & rat repeller is  solar powered and requires no electricity, so they can be used anywhere. 'Free range chicken farmers Love them!'
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Solar Snake Repellers
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Most Australian Ground Snakes are Venomous. 

Snakes are a clear and present danger to both yourself and your pets. You may be astounded to find out that in the leafy matter of you garden, may live a number of snakes.

Discover How Our Ultrasonic Solar Powered Snake Repeller can assist you solve the problem.

The Solar Ultrasonic snake repeller works by emitting high frequency ultrasonic vibrations that are extraordinarily disturbing to Snakes, Mice and Rats.    Its a bit like when out bush.  In grassy areas stamping your feet to scare of the scaly critters.

Solar Snake Repellers are the humane way to rid reptiles such as Coastal Taipans,  Inland Taipans, Western Brown Snakes, Dugites, King Brown Snakes, Tiger Snakes, Death Adders and scores of other deadly vipers from yards and gardens.

Installation is a breeze.  Just do not use a hammer on plastic. it is best to  place the aluminum stake in ground first at the recommend spacing of 18 - 20 meters.  If you try to be extra economical you may risk the Solar Ultrasonic Snake Repeller from being as effective.

Protect your Family and Pets from Snake Attack to day.  Make sure that when you buy the Solar Ultrasonic Pet Repeller that you place them near the bushy parts of your garden.  Shady leafy areas are havens for snakes.

$150 for 4 x Solar Ultrasonic snake repellers.  Plus This Month FREE Post Australia Wide.
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$195 for 6 Solar Ultrasonic Snake Repellers.Plus FREE Post This Month in  Australia  Total $195

Solar Snake Repellers from
Snakes are always a danger to Yourself, your family and your much beloved pets.  Australian snakes are world renowned for high level of toxic venom.

Mostly we will not see these deadly creatures, more so our pets are the first.  Unless they are aware, chances are they will attempt to explore and play with them.  A truly horrible situation. has found an excellent solution.  We now have in stock Ultrasonic Solar Light Snake Repellers.  These devices send out high frequency ultrasonic  waves that the human ear can hardly detect.  Yet this is sufficient to repel not only snakes but also their prime food source rats, mice and other pests from your homes garden. ph 0457467327 shows placing snake repellers around house.
PROTECT Family & Pets From Snake Attack.
picture demonstrates placement of solar snake repellers being 18 - 20 meters apart in full sun with over 70% of stem in soil. Ph 0457467327 or order on line at
Why You Need the Ultrasonic Solar Snake Repeller

1.  Snakes are a clear and present danger to not only yourself, but also your children and your animal pets that live in your home. A visit to the vet for anti veneme may cost upwards of $1200 or more.  Each year hundreds of people are hospitalized and treated for snake bite.  For those that recover, apart from pain and trauma, time off work can prove very expensive.

In the worst case scenario death occurs. Snakes venoms are comprised of many complex toxins. 

More often snake bite attacks occur when an attempt is made to either kill or remove the snake from a property.    Snakes normally are reserved creatures that do not intend to do harm humans or larger animals, but if attacked they will defend themselves with tenacity. 

THE COASTAL TAIPAN. Variety of this genus have very neurotoxic venom with a few other hazardous constituents that have multiple results on victims. The poison is understood to paralyze victim's nerves and clot the blood, which subsequently obstructs capillary and consumes clotting elements.

Participants of this genus are thought about to be among the most venomous land snakes based upon their murine LD50, a sign of the poisoning on mice.

The inland taipan is considered to be the most venomous land serpent and the coastal taipan, which is perhaps the largest Australian venomous snake, is the third-most venomous land snake.

The central arrays taipan has been much less looked into than other varieties of this genus, so the precise poisoning of its venom is still not clear, but it could be even more venomous than the other taipan varieties.

From venom toxicity, amounts of venom provided need to additionally be taken into consideration for the risk postured. The seaside taipan is capable of infusing a large volume of venom because of its large size. [

Personality additionally differs from species to species. The inland taipan is usually shy while the coastal taipan can be quite assertive when cornered and will definitely defend itself.


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New Rat Lung Disease has become prevalent on  Australia's East Coast. View the story below.  Rats and mice harbor many dangerous diseases.

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How manySolar Ultrasonic Snake Repellers do you need? 

It is recognized for maximum protection from snakes, rats and mice as well as other pests. (These include cockroaches and mosquitos) that the Solar Snake Repellers are placed between 18 to 20 meters apart.

The Ultrasonic vibrations are measured at between 400 MHz - 700 - MHz way above canine and cats hearing.

  • In general a shed/aviary small approximately 2 Repellers.
  • A ground floor unit or a small house and yard = 4 Repellers.
  • Medium size home & yard = 6 repellers.  That is 2 at front, 2 at rear 1 at each side.
  • Large Home & yard  = 8 repellers.
  • Small acre farmlets = 20 repellers

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Australia's most venomous Snakes.  The Taipan.
on Bulk Buys of 4 or more up to 100 Snake Repellers.
HUGE! 100 Snake & Rat Repellers.

Sufficient for up to 60,000 square meters or just under 15 acres.

This is ideal for:

  • Wheat & Grain Silo's,
  • Councils Parks and Gardens.
  • Cattle Feed Lots.
  • Horse & Cattle Studs.
  • Large Fruit Orchards.
  • Mango Plantations
  • Tourist Resorts
  • New Housing Estates. 
  • Military Bases.
  • Mine Sites... just to name a few.

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Getting the most out of your Solar Snake Repeller

Make sure to place your Solar Repellers in Firm Soil. Do not place near concrete or wooden barriers that may lay buried deep in the soil.
  • Ultrasonic vibrations travel best & further in firm soil with no concrete, metal or wooden obstructions, that ultrasonic vibrations cannot pass through.

Dig a hole first then bury the shaft 70% in soil. Don't hit in.
  • Damage can occur to Device if rough handled. Better performance is obtained by deeper depth in ground.

Best Performance is obtained with Solar Repellers being Spaced 18 - 20 meters apart.
  • Average home yard will require between 6 - 8 Ultrasonic Solar Snake Repellers. Larger properties more..
  • Would you buy half a parachute when sky diving?

Keep Solar Panel on Top Clean of dust to keep solar charging
  • Fortnightly maintained with a cloth to wipe of dust & dirt.
  • Do not wash or soak in bucket of water.

This product is UV treated.  Like all Products over time it will break down.  Its life is about 1.5 - 3 years before needing to be replaced

Staying Snake Safe.  Protecting you Family & Pets.

Learn First Aid  Keep up to speed with First Aid Techniques & CPR.
  • Keep Compression bandages & first aid box handy.

Keep your Yard Clean & Tidy from Garden Waste over growth to Junk.
  • If you can see the ground & no hiding places for snakes rats & mice you are part there.  Rats & mice indicate you have or will have snake problems.  Let alone risk of rodent borne disease.

When outdoors wear shoes or boots all the time.
  • When gardening boots gloves & heavy duty clothing are a must.
  • In the tropics there are deadly soil borne organisms.  Potting mix can have Legionnaires Disease.  Handling manures and heavy duty chemicals can prove fatal.  Wash up good after gardening or any dirty out door activity.

Snakes Hunt at Night Time.
  • From the bush to country Towns & Cities, snakes are active after dark.  When it is cooler and with infrared night vision snakes are night time predators..  Rats, Mice, Pests & Birds are their favorite prey.  Just because you don't see them... doesn't mean they are not around.

Do NOT become over complacent regarding Snakes.
  • Even with Solar Ultrasonic Snake & Rat Repellers, their can always be the risk of snakes.  Although this sounds counter productive, devices can break down, batteries and machines do eventually wear out. Not having enough Snake & Rat Repellers, can be a problem. 

  • Statistics show 90% of all snake bites happen when people try to kill or catch venomous reptiles.  Don't do it unless you have had industry training.  Snakes can move very fast when they strike.  Take a look at this video.
FREE Freight On All Solar Snake Repellers!  FREE Phone Orders 1800-Pets-R-Us.  Buy Now & Beat The Rush!
Got Questions? Have a Snake Tale you would like to tell.  Please contact us.   Email Us Here.
Enjoy a snake free christmas.  Solar Snake Repellers are an ultrasonic device that prevents snakes and rats and mice from entering your property.  Ph. 0457 467 327 Solar Snake Repellers ultrasonic devices that rid snakes, rats and mice.  h. 0457-467-327.  Snaake and rat repeller.
Our Solar Snake Repellers are U.V. Treated to meet Australian conditions.  They come with a 12 month warranty for peace of mind.
Satisfied Snake Safe Customers.

*Dee from Cobram just told me today that after having had seen 3 snakes on her property... they were now gone.  Dee said the most amazing thing was seeing a large Brown Snake approaching the area where the Snake & Rat Repellers were located, suddenly the snake did a complete reverse.  15 Nov 2013.

Belynda from the Townsville Barramundi Farm after buying 20 from me told me normally she would see at least a snake or so a week, for the past two years she had not seen any. Kirwan Markets Sep 2013.

A Free Range Townsville Chicken Farmer bought 20 more Solar Snake Repellers to extend her  farm.  In the two years she has had them in operation she has not had problems with snakes Kirwan Markets.

Plus  I have heard much more testimony from our satisfied customers.  Often those that have had Snake Repellers in the past.


  • 1.  Each Solar Snake Repeller comes in two parts these are  the Solar Collector Head and sturdy Aluminum Shaft.
  • Both shaft and solar head have two wires.  Simply connect these wires.  They only fit in one direction and go into a connection clip.
  • Allow two - three days in full sunlight for Solar Snake Repellers to charge. the nicad battery included.
  • Plan where to install in soil.  Firm soil without obstructions like concrete or wood are best.  For best protection they are best placed 18 -20 meters apart.
  • Bury Solar Snake Repellers about 70% of the metal shaft in soil.  Caution do not bash in with a Hammer or other object due to sensitive electronics and solar collector. Dig a hole first then firm down by hand.

The Solar Snake Repeller is the best choice in ridding your home & yard of snakes, rats and mice.  You do not have to set messy smelly traps.  Nor have to place poisons that could kill dogs, cats and native wildlife and pollute the environment. 

Killing a snake may seem like a natural quick response.  However attempting to kill a snake also places you in danger.  Statistics show that 90% off all snake bites come when a person attempt to kill a snake.  Snakes, mostly will try to avoid humans.  They realize that you are not prey and will try to avoid you fearing injury to themselves.
But if cornered a snake will defend itself.  They are exceptionally well muscled and can strike hard and fast.  Often biting multiple times.

Being Solar Powered you can place these anywhere. Solar Snake Repellers are not just for your home or farm but great when going out camping or to your favorite fishing spot.  You do not need to pay expensive power bills and you will have peace of mind knowing your yard will be snake, rat and pest free.

To get the best out of your new Solar Snake Repellers here is what you need to do.

  • Open packet.  You will find two pieces.  These being the Solar Head and the Aluminium shaft. There is a green tab of plastic next to the wire coming out from the Solar Head of the Snake Repeller.  Remove this green plastic tab.

  • Join the two pieces of electric wiring to join the Solar Collector Head to the Aluminium shaft.

  • Join the two pieces together.  Make sure not to pinch the electric wiring. This allow the Solar Head to assist power the ni-cad battery to recharge in the shaft.

  • Place Solar Snake Repellers 18 – 20 meters apart in full sunlight and firm ground.

  • Avoid areas that have concrete or other solid materials in ground nearby as this will block the ultrasonic signals.

  • Dig a hole so that at least 70% off metal shaft is in soil when firmed up.  Maximum depth will help send out the ultrasonic signals to deter snakes and other pests.

  • Do not use force or hit into ground as this will cause damage to sensitive electrics.

  • Allow to charge in full light for 3 days.

  • Two red led lights will come on underneath solar head for about 4 hours each night.

  • You will hear a buzzing sound as Solar Snake Repellers charge.  If this sound annoys you move further from your bedroom or area of the house where you spend the most time.

Brand New 2014 Snake Repellers Solar Rechargeable and Replaceable Battery  Effective 22/01/14  The all new multipulse Solar Snake & Rat Repellers now have replaceable rechargeable batteries.  They no longer have red led lights.  Assembly directions will be different.